Impenetrable IPX7-G1

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G1 electric scooter, 500W motor, 10 inch tires, 13AH battery, 3 anti-theft functions

  • IPX7 waterproof function

The body of the XP 65 electric scooter is waterproof and the XP67 base component is super waterproof. High-level waterproof can better protect your scooter from

your scooter from rain damage, allowing you to travel freely in the city.

  • fast charge

The electric scooter battery has the function of fast charging. Compared with the battery of the same capacity, the charging time is reduced by

half. You only need 2-5 hours for a full charge. The fast charging system makes your trip more convenient.

  • Intelligent management system BMS

Regenerate the energy in the battery during the journey, extend the life of the battery

  • Dual braking system

Whether you're an experienced rider or a brand new beginner, you'll never have to worry about safety with the G1. It features both a traditional disc brake and a dual electronic braking system

electronic braking system, offers the best responsiveness, which translates into the best road safety in its class.

500W Motor

r powerful

after you step on the gas, you'll feel its power. The brushless motor of 500 W more powerful. The slope of the conquest is higher.

The maximum climbing angle can reach 25°. Max. Load:120kg

3 anti-theft systems

The scooter is equipped with NFC smart unlocking technology, and you only need to use an NFC card to swipe the card to unlock, which makes the scooter more intelligent.

In addition, G1 also has electronic locks, APP locks and three anti-theft systems, which enhance the security of the electric scooter and make parking the vehicle safer!

Scooter control with smartphone

By pairing the smartphone with the scooter via Bluetooth, you can use the app to monitor the driving speed and remaining power in real time, turn on the headlights.

APP also has the function of unlocking and positioning to find the scooter

kugoo G1- Product parameter 

  • Motor type:500W
  • Max Speed:40 km / h
  • Max Autonomy:35-40 Km
  • battery:13 Ah 48V
  • Charging time:2.5-4.5h
  • Max. Load:120kg
  • Wheels:10 inch (air tire + solid)
  • Brake type:Front drum brake + rear disc brake
  • Shock absorber:Spring shock absorber
  • Extension size:1155*455*1195mm
  • Folding size:1155*455*570mm

Package content:
1 * adult electric scooter
1 * charger
1 * user's manual/ 1 * 3 mm hex key/2 * NFC card