Convenience Star-M5P

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There is nothing more comfortable than a scooter with a basket

Intelligent off-road electric scooter 500W

Large capacity battery compartment

500W motor provides more powerful power, three speed modes (15/35/45km/h)

can drive a scooter for shopping, working and traveling

Large tires

12 inch pneumatic tire. The large tires provide increased stability and comfort. Pneumatic tires have better absorption effect

Ergonomic design seat

The leather pad is made of terry cloth, comfortable and breathable, allowing you to drive for a long time without feeling any discomfort. The seat can be disassembled

and the height can be adjusted to suit different people.

Smart lcd display

The intelligent LCD display can clearly read the speed, mileage and remaining power The scooter has an automatic fault detection function.

You can check the display of the scooter to understand the health status of the scooter.

The 48V 11AH battery meets the needs of long-distance driving and the maximum driving distance is 35-40km. 

  • Key unlocking - anti-theft

One key is used to open and close the scooter, and the other key is used to unlock the scooter's battery compartment. The key unlocking feature makes your scooter safer.

  • Dual braking system

Front wheel anti-lock braking system, rear wheel large disc brake, can brake at the same time, shorten the braking distance, quick response

safer driving. Just use the two front brake levers to brake

  • Double frame design

The unique double-spindle design ensures the stability of the vehicle at all times and guarantees that the wheels do not shake, light and strong, increase the pleasure of driving! The maximum load is 150 kg.

  • Large capacity basket

The size of the car basket is 30 * 22 * 16CM, the basket can be disassembled and the large capacity basket can hold: cell phones

umbrellas, bags and other items, making your trip more convenient.

  • Quick folding

Folding lock button, just push the button up to fold, folding is fast and convenient Compact design makes

the scooter easy to carry and store.