This is an electric scooter that can really satisfy all your driving pleasure

Parameters: 48V 13Ah high-power battery, 50km/h, 45km battery life, 500W motor, 10-inch off-road tires

The mechanical appearance is the most expressive presence in the scooter market, and the auto-sensing headlights turn on and off automatically at night which is a very convenient feature. The power parameters and range tell you that it has wild performance, it can take you anywhere within 45KM, whether it's water, gravel, dirt, or uphill, the 10-inch solid tires have unparalleled roadworthiness, and you should know that C1PRO is never just a transportation tool.

We believe that there is no more convenient mobility tool than an electric scooter, and if there is, it is an electric scooter with a basket

Parameters: Top speed 45 km/h, range 40 km, battery, 12-inch tires, with seat and storage basket

While ensuring a high level of performance, the M5PRO feels more like a bicycle, with its very wide pedals that give good support to your feet and a basket at the rear that fully solves the problem of stocking items for electric scooters, making the M5PRO a very comprehensive electric scooter in our opinion, with excellent performance in all aspects